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About us

Our Story 01

Our Story

Working Together To Financially Empower America

The BrightMoney Academy was founded in October of 2015. Scott McLaine, Founder and CEO organized a Community Empowerment Luncheon, filled the room, took to the stage and revealed a national epidemic called financial Illiteracy that is affecting nearly 50% of American households.

“The Solution,” Scott said, “is to create awareness, get people talking about money, and to deliver the class that teaches us all how to grow and accumulate wealth.” He said “We all need to take that class that was missing from our upbringing.”

The BrightMoney Academy is now delivering world class financial literacy and wealth creation training to residents and employees statewide.

Our 2018-2019 Mission 02

Our 2018-2019 Mission

Financially Empower 5000 Arizona Residents

Our mission is clear, simple, measurable and achievable. In the next two years the BrightMoney Academy will financially empower no less than 5,000 Arizona residents through our online classes, online events, live financial training bootcamps, and employee financial wellness training programs. Our team is dedicated to achieving our mission and then moving our sights to the rest of America.

Our Values 03

Our Values

A life transformed for the better is result of our values.

Integrity – We are who we say we are, and we do what we say we will.
Influence – Transformation through the forming of brighter habits.
Quality – We strive for excellence … and the best possible experience.
Effectiveness – We take pride in our students success.
Longevity – We are in this for the long run.

Our Belief 04

Our Belief

Every Person Can Prosper Financially

We believe that every person can, and should prosper financially and grow wealthy. Success is achieved by making brighter financial decisions, living with basic financial discipline, and by cultivating habits of success. Learning about money, how it works, and how to have it work for you are equally as important as having the proper mindset and being driven by your reasons why.

What We Do

Financially Empower Your Future ... Accelerate Your Success


We are very active in our community.  Social media, radio, TV and live events all serve to promote our awareness campaign.


We offer a complimentary financial review process that assesses each person’s current financial situation, goals, and lifestyle.  The process identifies areas of needed improvement.


Thriving Workplace is the name of the Academy’s Employee Financial Wellness program. Be sure to download our 2018 Employers Guide to Financially Empowering Your Team.


We host live IMPACT promotional workshops valley wide for businesses, chambers, networking groups, and churches.


AcademyCORE is the flagship product of the BrightMoney Academy that includes 8 Core Financial Lessons.


Through the BrightMoney Foundation, our 501(c)(3), we reach out into our community and help those who are in need, underbanked, or would otherwise not be exposed to our training.