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Scott McLaine’s BrightMoney Bootcamp is a full-day, life-accelerating, hands-on, task-driven, financial training experience that delivers new habits, a financially enlightened mind, a superior home money management system, and total financial confidence that you are on the right track, making the right financial decisions, and actively materializing the life you imagine.

Your BOOTCAMP Weekend Includes …

  • PLAN FOR SUCCESS – Start with the end in mind and prepare your plan.
  • CASHFLOW – Organize Your Income, Expenses, and Monthly Calendar.
  • SPENDING PLAN – Make better decisions by creating your 30-Day Budget.
  • BEHAVIORAL CHANGE – Make positive and lasting change in your life.
  • TRIMMING $FAT – Squeeze Profit into Your Future by cutting expenses.
  • CRUSHING DEBT – Implement a plan to quickly eliminate your debts.
  • MASTERMINDING – Share best practices with your Classmates.
  • BOOSTING CREDIT – Learn how to raise and leverage your credit score.
  • MONTH END ACCOUNTING – Reconcile monthly with profit in mind.
  • RETIREMENT GAME PLAN – Start with the end in mind & create your plan.
  • HOME ACCOUNTING – Dial in your home accounting system.
  • AUTOMATION – Learn how to automate your home accounting system.

BOOTCAMP Registration Also Includes …

  • Repeat BOOTCAMP as needed for 12 months. No additional charge.
  • Spouses / Teen Children Discount Tickets Available
  • Weekly follow up workshops and online group meetings.
  • MONEYCAMP Binder, Workbooks, and Worksheets.
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